The Aims of the IoT Forum

Internet of Things International Forum aims at the development of a worldwide interoperable Internet of Things, addressing business and societal challenges to create the conditions for a truly worldwide Internet of Things ecosystem and market. It does this through promoting international dialogue and cooperation on the Internet of Things for research, development, applications and exploitation. Its purpose is among others to:

  • Bring the Internet of Things community together and provide a place for it to meet and collaborate;
  • Organise meetings, other events and activities on the Internet of Things in cooperation with other regional and international related platforms;
  • Identify and help break down barriers to a common Internet of Things, for the potential benefit of the whole IoT domain;
  • Promote success stories and confidence in the Internet of Things, and inform about its benefits;
  • Support the transfer from research to market;
  • Support multi stakeholder dialogue with those concerned with the use and deployment of the Internet of Things;
  • Promote cross domain, generic and interoperable solutions.