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New international Internet of Things Forum will push business, social, legal and technical development and adoption.

During the IoT Week in Helsinki the new IoT Forum was founded.

– This is a significant achievement and a great match to the global challenges with international partners, states Mirko Presser, Head of Research and Innovation at the Alexandra Institute’s Smart City Lab, Denmark

Wednesday the 19th of June the IoT Forum was founded in Helsinki during the international IoT Week. 14 organisations, from eight different countries and three continents are the founders. Mirko Presser is the chair of the forum which is backed by the European Commission and the founding organisations.

The main goals for the forum are to sustain the IoT-week (the next event is planned for June 2014 in London), sustain the activities on the IoT ARM (Architectural Reference Model) and subsequent certification (ARM label), sustain the IoT comic book as a publication (currently there exist Danish, English and Portuguese editions with commitment from Germany, Spain and China for additional translations), develop knowledge in the domains of Privacy and Ethics for IoT as well as the investigation of new Business Models for the IoT – in particular moving form profitable vertical domains into horizontal constructs.

The IoT-i FP7 project, led by the Centre for Communication Systems Research at University of Surrey, provided the incubation of the IoT Forum, and the forum is backed by the EU Commission:

– In order to make the Internet of Things happen in Europe and all regions of the world, the role of the International IoT Forum is crucial for federating all key actors to support the creation of open and integrated IoT environments, states Peter Friess, Scientific Officer Internet of Things, DG Connect, European Commission

University of Surrey has invested, together with the Alexandra Institute, a large effort in the finalization of the IoT Forum, because they both realize the big potential in the forum:

– The IoT Forum brings a unique opportunity to the IoT take-off worldwide and will build up a strong community of IoT actors from various horizons – the technical, the societal and the ethical perspectives will all be worked with in the IoT Forum, explains Francois Carrez, PhD., University of Surrey, UK.

Open invitation

The IoT Forum is a collaborative and member based forum. 

– I would like to encourage companies from all kinds of sectors, be it energy or culture who have an interest in IT, innovation and Internet of Things to sign up, Mirko Presser tells, – they will get influence on the IoT development and gain access to an open and international network with a broad reach and which has influence in big organisations such as EU and the global sphere.

The forum will focus on four main subjects: Societal, economics, technology and governance based on the members requests and initiative. It’s an engaged and open forum.

– We’ve had the wish to found this forum for a long time, and it’s based on several years of experiences and international and collaborative work on IoT, Mirko Presser tells, – there is a really good, constructive and open spirit here.

Currently there is a website and LinkedIN-group, and the registration for the forum will open soon.

Statements from the founding members:

– The IoT Forum offers a great opportunity to foster the international cooperation for the research and development of the Internet of Things by bringing together the research community with the interested stakeholders, Sébastien Ziegler, Founder and Director General of Mandat International which is coordinating the IoT6 European research project.

– IoT Forum enables us to significantly increase our international exposure as designers and developers of IoT based solutions and create new business opportunities, Srdjan Krco, Founder of DunavNET Limited, Novi Sad, Serbia.

– For us, the IoT Forum is a great place to talk with businesses and researchers about the direction of standards and developing ecosystems that widen the value chain. Historically the network effect drove adoption and business models for the Internet, we hope that on a practical level the IoT Forum will work together to create similar results, Joshua Cooper, CEO of Hildebrand Technology Limited – a smart platform provider, London, United Kingdom.

– IoT Forum has a great potential to become open, independent and creative environment which helps people to get easily involved and to make a difference in their life and business, Tomaž Vidonja, CEO, IoT Competence centre OpComm at ICT Technology Network, Slovenia.

– Creating a platform for implementing IoT solutions is the main purpose of our company, so being part of the IoT Forum enables us to reach into the latest research and connect with the research community, and also to tap into and influence the development of the evolving standards in the field, Carsten Rhod Gregersen, Founder and CEO of Nabto, Aarhus, Denmark

– IoT Forum brings together IoT related value chains stakeholders including R&D, technology, applications, business development and services providers from international communities and facilitate deep collaboration to accelerate the IoT development and enablement, Ko-Yang Wang, Executive Vice President, Institute for Information Industry, Taiwan

–  As representing SME, I encourage more SMEs to join the IoT forum to benefit from this unique platform. Altogether we have now to promote a truly worldwide market in making even more evident all business benefits of IoT in a broad range of areas. We also have the important duty to promote a market confidence in the use of existing IoT interoperable solutions, Philippe Cousin, Easy Global Market C.E.O

– Connecting research, industry, services and user communities around IoT is a respectful mission with that the IoT Forum will make the information society more real than ever, and the iHomeLab is honoured to support this endeavour through our active participation and research activities, Prof. Alexander Klapproth, Head of the iHomeLab at Hochschule Luzern, Swiss Research Center for Building Intelligence.

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