IoT Forum is a member driven organization with a large community of IoT experts, researchers and industry attending its events. The IoT Forum membership is reserved to organizations companies and universities working in the domain of the Internet of Things. By joining the IoT Forum as a member, you will:

  • Develop synergies and cooperation links with the IoT Community;
  • Be associated to the organizing of events such as the IoT Week;
  • Increase your visibility through the IoT Forum outreach and dissemination activities;
  • Benefit from the IoT Forum cooperation links with international organizations, fora and standardization bodies;
  • Access to the IoT Forum network and information.

To join the IoT Forum you can choose from 2 different membership options:

Regular members:

1’000 Euros per year for organizations with a yearly turn over inferior to 5 Mio Euros

1’500 Euros per year for organizations with a yearly turn over between 5 and 30 Mio Euros

3’000 Euros per year for organizations with a yearly turn over superior to 30 Mio Euros

Sponsor members:

Regular membership fees plus 5’000 Euro per year.

Member Benefits

The benefits of becoming a member are:

  • Unique Events: Our flagship event is one of the longest running IoT Events and attracts a global audience from industry, academia and policy makers. Members are key in shaping the event and are entitled to privileged conditions for the event.
  • Worldwide Community: Our network reaches into every corner of the world. We have the widest network of IoT experts in technology, business and societal topics. Members are welcomed into the community and individual introductions are made to any of our members.
  • Expert Services: We offer a number of working groups that tackle global problems and aim at creating a global interoperable Internet of Things. Members are welcome to participate to the existing working groups and kick start new initiatives if a need is identified.
  • Open Discussions: The IoT Forum offers a pre-commercial space for organisations to exchange knowledge and information. This allows partnerships to be nurtured on neutral ground, providing invaluable advantages at later stages.

The main difference in membership benefits for sponsor members is that they can be appointed as non-executive board member as well as they are included in the public communication material of the IoT Forum.