Interested to host an IoT Week Conference?


The IoT Week is a unique event with a global participation and a common goal: promoting international dialogue and cooperation on the Internet of Things. The IoT Week is an activity of the IoT Forum, which supervises its organizing and development strategy. Interested organizations can apply to host the conference.

Event Profile and Minimum Requirements:
• Credibility of the Host Committee and existing links with the IoT community
• Capacity to receive and accommodate at least 500 participants in the venue
• At least 6 meeting rooms, to support workshops and parallel sessions
• Capacity to mobilize and mix industrial and research IoT representatives
• 10 high quality key note speakers
• At least 20 high quality sessions with a total of around 100 presentations to be shared electronically
• Capacity to offer an exhibition area
• Capacity to host a hackathon

Partnership Principles and Responsibilities:
The IoT Forum:
• is the formal owner of the IoT Week and the participants list;
• manages the IoT Week participants community and invites them to join the event;
• takes the reputational risk for the event;
• contributes to set up a high quality programme.
The Host or Host Committee:
• gets a prime visibility as host;
• is responsible for the planning, organizing and logistics of the event, including venue and meeting facilities, social events organizing, accommodation list;
• leads the communication in cooperation with the IoT Forum;
• manages the budget and finance of the conference, and assumes the financial risk in case of loss. In case of profit, the host keeps half the profit and transfers the other half to the IoT Forum for future activities.
• must transmit to the IoT Forum within 90 days after the end of the conference: a financial report, a synthetic activity report, the list or registered participants with their contact details, as well as the 50% of the benefits.
Both the host and the IoT Forum:
• establish and adopt the budget together, including registration fees;
• establish the programme together;
• share the profits (50% each);

Required Content in the Application File:

Host or Host Committee details and presentation
If the proposal will be supported by several organizations and/or companies, please list the members of the Host Committee and designate a lead organization who will represent the Host Committee for the IoT Forum.
For each member of the Host Committee, provide the contact details and a short presentation of the host.

Information on the Venue:
City and precise location of the venue
Description of the venue
Number of room with the size
Clear description and pictures of the venue, including pictures of the meeting rooms

Logistics for participants
Name and distance to the closest airport
Indicative hotels costs

Specific environment and impact:
Specific stakeholders present in the vicinity that may be relevant and have an impact for the IoT community.

Provisional budget and finances:
Indications on the capacity to support the financial risk.
Indicative cost of the venue

In-kind resources:
List the in-kind resources, such as number of volunteers, infrastructure, etc.
Presentation of the local ecosystem linked to the IoT

Submission Process
Organizations and companies interested to host an IoT Week conference can submit their application file by mail to the IoT Forum Board:
Application file must be a pdf file and <10MB
A deadline for application may be announced by the IoT Forum. The applications are then presented to a special eMeeting of the IoT Forum. Selected candidates are then invited to present their applications and the IoT Forum members are invited to vote for their preferred option by mail (1 member = 1 vote). Votes are kept strictly confidential.

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