How to display and modify the cookie’s settings

The users may select the cookies they want to enable, disable or cancel cookies (wholly or partially) by means of the tools offered by the browser used: however, please notice that if you disable technical/functional cookies the website might not work properly and some services or some of the site’s functionalities may not be available or work smoothly, and you could be required to modify or manually fill in some information or preferences each time you visit the site.
To know more about how to set your cookies preferences via your browser, read the guidance provided at the following links (PF does not control these third party browser sites or their instructions on enabling and disabling cookies; these pages may be updated, modified or removed by the third party browser companies at their own discretion):

Internet Explorer

To object to the cookies, or to any other processing which entails the storage or the access to content already stored in the user’s device, send an email to privacy[at]

However please notice that your choices regarding cookies on the websites will be recorded in a technical cookie. The latter cookie may, in some circumstances, not work properly: should such a case arise, we advice you to set your preferences regarding cookies via the browser’s tools as previously described. Your preferences regarding cookies shall be expressed for each of the devices or browsers you use to access the websites.