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09h -17h Wednesday 9th December 2015

European Commission, DG Connect (VIP Room), Avenue de Beaulieu 5, Brussels (Belgium)

Are you an innovative player in the European Future Internet arena? Do you want to discover how the FIRE initiative can help boost your R&D efforts, discover novel networking approaches, reduce time to market and create broader innovation/commercial impact for your products and services?

Don’t miss the FIRE Forum 2015 as a great opportunity to learn about existing testing infrastructures (facilities) for experimentally driven technology innovation in areas such as advanced networking, IoT and cloud, and their use within a wide range of application areas including smart city, education, emergency management and land / air / underwater communication.
The diversity of FIRE testbeds and applications and the evolving federation of facilities create an exciting and unique opportunity to explore converged infrastructures and research challenges associated with resource management, interoperability, and Experimentation-as-a-Service concepts and, more generally, the emerging technology trends of the Future Internet.

At the FIRE Forum 2015 you will meet representatives of the FIRE projects, the European Commission and other relevant stakeholders and initiatives to discuss the further development of experimental facilities, research and innovation, and how a federated European experimental infrastructure will drive innovation.

New funding opportunities are opening up within the context of the Information and Communication Technologies Call, H2020-ICT-2016-2017, and via the Open Calls that several ongoing FIRE projects will issue between December 2015 and January 2016. Discover these opportunities by coming to Brussels and actively participating to the FIRE Forum 2015!

Registration is FREE of charge, but places are limited! So hurry up, register and reserve your spot now!

SUBMISSION DUE DATE: 10 December 2014 (full paper)

INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON Data Analytics for Dynamic Environments (DADE2015) ( held in conjunction with the 2015 IEEE 81st Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC2015-spring) that will take place between 11 to 14 May 2015 at the University of Strathclyde, in Glasgow, Scotland.


This workshop will explore the data analytic solutions to extract actionable information from real time information in dynamic environments, such as vehicular networks and smart city environments.
The workshop aims to gather researchers, application developers, and industry to present and discuss data analytics and evaluations for real time and context aware applications.
This workshop will be co-sponsored by the EU FP7 CityPulse project  (


Potential topics could include, but are not limited to:

Dynamic semantics and scalable semantic annotation methods
Stream processing and reasoning on dynamic data; real-time feedback control and response systems; event-centred views of data streams
Adaptable and reconfigurable learning methods
Pattern recognition, trend detection, anomaly and event detection, semantic event processing, and inferring actionable knowledge techniques with dynamic data
Spatio-temporal data analytics
QoI and QoS annotation and analytics for data streams
Context-aware and situation-aware data analytics
Dynamic solutions for IoT security, privacy and trust
Co-occurrence and causation detection and analysis in real world data streams
Smart city uses cases and applications in traffic management, vehicle-to-vehicle communications and intelligent transport systems


Workshop papers will be published in IEEE Xplore together with the VTC 2015 Spring conference proceedings.

Maria Bermudez-Edo. University of Surrey
Payam Barnaghi. University of Surrey
Koji Zettsu, NICT, Japan
Schahram Dustdar. Vienna University of Technology


10th December 2014               Full paper submission
26th January 2015                    Author notification
16th February 2015                 Final paper Submission
The workshop will take place one of the days of the VTC2015-spring Conference (11 to 14 May 2015).

India m2m + iot Forum 2015

India m2m + IoT Forum 2015 – is the Forum for machine-to-machine (m2m) and internet of things (IoT)! Which will bring the leading strategists and disruptors changing the face of the m2m and IoT landscape.

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After the success of IoT Success Stories#1 published in June 2014 at IoT week London, we are calling for new success stories to be published in a second series due to be presented end October at IoT360.

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Consultation and Invitation for Commitment

The European Commission is inviting stakeholders to provide advice and express a commitment for engagement on candidate target areas for future European Internet of Things (IoT) Large Scale Pilots (LSP). The results will contribute to the Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2016-17 and European Commission actions. We welcome contributions until Sunday 30 November 2014.

We are seeking for input from relevant experts and stakeholders based on a set of specific questions. Any interested organisation from a EU Member State or associated country is also invited to submit a commitment. Any other interested organisation from another country can join a lead organisation. The lead partner of a commitment should come from one of the 28 EU countries or from one of the following associated countries: Israel, Norway, Iceland, Turkey, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Faroe Islands and Moldova.

The IoT Week 2014 was nothing less than a success. Thank you to the sponsors. Thank you to the track chairs and session chairs. Thank you to the 400 participants who came to join the conversation in over 40 session with over 150 speakers in 5 different tracks. Thank you to the many international participants from all over the globe. And thank you to the IERC for their continued support. The IoT Week is truly an event by the community for the community.


For the first time, the IoT Week also had its very own Hackfest. Six teams competed in four challenges with the overall winner receiving a cash prize of €1000 as well as other prizes from several sponsors. Thank you Franck Le Gall for organising this with your team.


We also had the IoTLondon Meetup crowd join us on 17th June in the evening – thank you Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino for organising this and bringing 150 of your finest.

CONNECT Advisory Forum

And the CONNECT Advisory Forum working group for the Internet of Things presented a first draft of their recommendations.

What’s next?

We have had many requests for pictures, presentations and in general material from the IoT Week and we are in the process of collecting all of this information. We hope to publish the content as well as reports from the tracks and where we can from the sessions on the IoT Week website.

The final words are directed at the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) – a sponsor member of theIoT Forum – and who was our fantastic local host of the IoT Week. Thank you Richard Foggie and the entire KTN team. Thanks for having us!

See you next year!

On behalf of the IoT Forum and IoT Week,

Mirko Presser
Chair of the IoT Forum

The 5th EU-Japan Symposium on ICT Research and Innovation will take place in Brussels, Avenue de Beaulieu 25, 16-17 October 2014. The symposium will focus on:

  1. Data & processing: Exploiting the potential of big data, being obtained from remote sensing and actuation and being processed by smart objects and in sophisticated clouds,     enabling the creation of distributed intelligence as key application/service drivers toward attractive IoT services.
  2. Platforms: Development of cloud-based applications driven by the decentralised       information processing capabilities using standardized APIs, open software components, paying special attention to data integrity, localisation, confidentiality and data usability.
  3. Trust: holistic approaches to address privacy & security issues   across value chains including privacy by design aspects, SLAs, software algorithms and new data management models.

The purpose of the event is to shape the call text for 3rd joint EU-Japan call in H2020 2016-17.

Register here.

There is room for even more hype

2014 saw the term peak on the Gartner Hype Cycle, but to be honest, I can only see the excitement and expectations increase.

The reason? Even after trying to spread the word in innovative ways, e.g. the Internet of Things Comic Book, I still feel that only a small proportion of people, organisations and governments have fully understood how big a change the Internet of Things will bring.

How big you ask?

Postscapes, one of my favourite blogs – tracking the Internet of Things – has a nice list of studies about IoT market size forecasts:

What each of those reports has in common is the word “trillions”. They disagree about when and exactly the digits in front of the word “trillions”, but even the smallest trillion per year is enough market space for new multi-billion dollar (or maybe euro, yuan or ruble) companies to emerge and existing companies to register unprecedented growth.

From Research to Innovation

So according to Gartner, 2014 is the proclaimed year of ultimate hype for the Internet of Things. I would rather say it is the year that the Internet of Things has grown up and to be taken seriously. I have worked in the field for over 12 years now. And I have to accept that the Internet of Things is not exclusive to research anymore, but it is ultimately on the path of commercialisation.

This does not mean that I need to find a new research topic – there are many unanswered questions – it means that research is now more and more driven by industry.

A need for a global discussion

This is the reason why I have jointly with 12 other founding members started the IoT Forum – a place to exchange knowledge between research and industry. The IoT Forum organises an annual IoT Week in Europe and joins up with international events to spread its message.

In the wake of the Shanghai IoT Week the European Commission with the support of the EU China Trade Project II is organising a series of cooperation sessions on E-Health, Connected Vehicles, Smart Agriculture and Smart Cities from 28 till 30 October in Shanghai. These sessions will be kept interactive and are very much targeted at companies, practitioners and applied researchers to help them achieve more in concrete market-based cooperation with China. Organising these sessions concurrently with the IoT Week will allow participants to benefit from a significant, 1000+, industry presence.

You are invited to join.


Mirko Presser

Chair of the IoT Forum

Following the IoT Week London 2014, the 2015 event will be in Copenhagen. The format will follow the tradition of the previous IoT Weeks and we are looking forward to a content packed event with distinguished keynote speakers from industry and academia, several community organised sessions, hackathon and exhibition.

Stay tuned by subscribing to the IoT Week newsletter.

In order to make the Internet of Things happen in Europe and all regions of the world, the role of the International IoT Forum is crucial for federating all key actors to support the creation of open and integrated IoT environments.

– Peter Friess, Scientific Officer Internet of Things, DG Connect, European Commission

The IoT Forum brings a unique opportunity to the IoT take-off worldwide and will build up a strong community of IoT actors from various horizons – the technical, the societal and the ethical perspectives will all be worked with in the IoT Forum.

– Francois Carrez, PhD, University of Surrey, UK

The IoT Forum offers a great opportunity to foster the international cooperation for the research and development of the Internet of Things by bringing together the research community with the interested stakeholders.

– Sébastien Ziegler, Founder and Director General of Mandat International, Switzerland

IoT Forum enables us to significantly increase our international exposure as designers and developers of IoT based solutions and create new business opportunities.

– Srdjan Krco, Founder of DunavNET Limited, Novi Sad, Serbia

IoT Forum has a great potential to become open, independent and creative environment which helps people to get easily involved and to make a difference in their life and business.

– Tomaž Vidonja, CEO, IoT Competence centre OpComm at ICT Technology Network, Slovenia

IoT Forum brings together IoT related value chains stakeholders including R&D, technology, applications, business development and services providers from international communities and facilitate deep collaboration to accelerate the IoT development and enablement.

– Ko-Yang Wang, Executive Vice President, Institute for Information Industry, Taiwan

As representing SME, I encourage more SMEs to join the IoT forum to benefit from this unique platform. Altogether we have now to promote a truly worldwide market in making even more evident all business benefits of IoT in a broad range of areas. We also have the important duty to promote a market confidence in the use of existing IoT interoperable solutions.

– Philippe Cousin, Easy Global Market C.E.O

Connecting research, industry, services and user communities around IoT is a respectful mission with that the IoT Forum will make the information society more real than ever, and the iHomeLab is honoured to support this endeavour through our active participation and research activities.

– Prof. Alexander Klapproth, Head of the iHomeLab at Hochschule Luzern, Switzerland

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