The Mission of the IoT Forum


The Mission of the IoT Forum

The Mission of the Internet of Things International Forum is to support a collaborative environment between industries, research and policy makers, and drive programmes for the adoption of the Internet of Things in existing and new markets in order to create an economically and societal sustainable future by harnessing the disruptiveness of the Internet of Things.

To address industry needs, the IoT Forum initiates and drive all the necessary activities to ensure a growth of the Internet of Things market, technology and related products and applications as well as education and policies. To achieve this, the IoT Forum will draw on the most recent results from the global Internet of Things research community.

Specifically the IoT Forum intends to:

  • Build and sustain a global forum for dialogue and cooperation on the Internet of Things;
  • Create an environment where research results flow directly to relevant industries and industry needs are addressed by researchers;
  • Campaign for the Internet of Things in the best possible way with the funds that are available towards policy and decision makers;
  • Create labels that promote worldwide confidence in the IoT technologies and dictate best practices crossing different aspects of the Internet of Things, such as Architecture, Ethics, Business and Security;
  • Promote cross domain and horizontal integration of the Internet of Things spanning across vertical silos;
  • Ease the development of innovative applications by the promotion and dissemination of generic and open platforms;
  • Support its members in their needs to fully harness and exploit the potential of the Internet of Things.

As a result of its activities, the IoT Forum intends to serve its members, their research community and society at large:

  • Policy and Decision Makers will gain confidence through understanding the disruptiveness and potential of the Internet of Things and support its proper uptake in future policies and decisions;
  • Developers will benefit from exchanges of experiences with other developers and researchers and will access information about open source and open and generic platforms which shorten the application development cycle, reduce development cost and improve worldwide interoperability, including label-certified enablers;
  • Industry will get confidence in the potential of a truly interoperable¬† Internet of Things mass market;
  • Consumers will gain confidence in a new and disruptive technology that exceeds customer imagination and increases personal satisfaction;
  • Members will benefit from a collaborative industry and research platform that widely promotes, enhances, and secures the uptake of the Internet of Things;
  • Standardisation organisations will benefit from a global Forum to disseminate emerging standards on the Internet of Things.


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