IoT Forum Board Members

Sébastien Ziegler

Sebastien Ziegler


Mirko Presser

Mirko Presser

Vice President

Srdjan Krco

Srdjan Krco

Board Member

Antonio Skarmeta

Antonio Skarmeta

Board Member

About IoT Forum

IoT Forum is a member based organization which aims to:

  • Promote international dialogue and cooperation on the Internet of Things;
  • Organize events and conferences, such as the IoT Week;
  • Develop activities and synergies with and among its members.

IoT Forum was established by a community of research organizations and industries specialized in the Internet of Things. The founding members were developing joint activities the organizing of the IoT Week and European research projects which supported the creation of the IoT Forum as an autonomous legal organization.

First editions of IoT Week were organized by IoT-A group of IoT devotees. With the increase in activity, this group of enthusiasts grew into the IoT Forum in 2013 and officially took over the organization of IoT Week.

IoT Forum is a non – profit member – based organisation, open to all actors from all parts of the world. It is hosted in Geneva, Switzerland by one of its founding members, Mandat International.


List of Sponsor Members

Alexandra Instituttet | Institute for Information Industry

Founding Organizations

Alexandra Instituttet | University of Melbourne | Copenhagen Business School | DunavNET | Easy Global Market | Knowledge Transfer Network | Grundfos | Hildebrand Technology | ICT Technology Network Institute | iHomeLab Hochschule Luzern | Institute for Information Industry | Mandat International | Nabto | University of Surrey

Institutional Partners


List of Ordinary Members

Fraunhofer | Mandat International | Telekom Srbija | Fenieenergie Sa | NEC Europe Ltd | Eurescom European Institute | DunavNET | Forum Brasilero IoT | ODIN SOLUTIONS S.L. | University of Melbourne | iHomeLab / Hochschule Luzern | Martel Gmbh | Aahrus Universitat |
University Bournemouth | Ericsson | Insight Galway

Followers Community

IoT Forum maintains and informs a community of over a thousand partners who have attended the previous IoT Week events.


The Vision of the IoT Forum

“The Internet of Things without borders” is the vision of the IoT Forum. The Forum intends to support the development of an Internet of Things which will:

  • Contribute to a better world, with applied technologies addressing societal, economic and environmental needs;
  • Contribute to the development of a truly worldwide Internet of Things ecosystem and mass market;
  • Take into account societal concerns and respect privacy and personal data protection of citizens;
  • Forge, support and rely on a global community of actors from all parts of the World.

IoT Forum intends to become a major global Forum on the Internet of Things with a worldwide audience and participation, gathering leading experts.

The Aims of the IoT Forum

Internet of Things International Forum aims at the development of a worldwide interoperable Internet of Things, addressing business and societal challenges to create the conditions for a truly worldwide Internet of Things ecosystem and market. It does this through promoting international dialogue and cooperation on the Internet of Things for research, development, applications and exploitation. Its purpose is among others to:

  • Bring the Internet of Things community together and provide a place for it to meet and collaborate;
  • Organise meetings, other events and activities on the Internet of Things in cooperation with other regional and international related platforms;
  • Identify and help break down barriers to a common Internet of Things, for the potential benefit of the whole IoT domain;
  • Promote success stories and confidence in the Internet of Things, and inform about its benefits;
  • Support the transfer from research to market;
  • Support multi stakeholder dialogue with those concerned with the use and deployment of the Internet of Things;
  • Promote cross domain, generic and interoperable solutions.