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Dear IoT enthusiast,

The IoT Week 2014 in London is just around the corner. The IoT Week originated in European IoT Research Cluster to become the pre-eminent event attracting industry and academia from around the world. Building on the successes of Helsinki, Venice and Barcelona, the IoT Week London continues the journey by

  • bringing focus to the emerging opportunities,
  • connecting the global business and research communities innovating at the boundaries of IoT, and
  • promoting international collaboration and addressing societal and market issues.

The IoT Forum invites you to join the IoT Week and contribute actively to its shape and content by submitting a session proposal to the programme committee ( Deadline for submission is 15th March 2014 with final notifications of acceptance expected 31st March 2014.

You can find the submission form for sessions on the IoT Week website.

Topics can be under any of the 4 tracks:

  • Research
  • Industry
  • Society
  • Hackathon

And if that does not fit you are welcome to approach us with your idea for a parallel session.

Accepted sessions are facilitated within the IoT Week’s venue at no extra charge to the organisers and you will be listed on the IoT Week programme. You organization (e.g. project) will also be listed as a contributor to the IoT week (

Apart from sessions we also have an extensive exhibition space and we also invite you to request space during the week by getting in contact with the programme committee (

You can find more information on the website ( or by contacting the programme committee (

Sincerely and we are all looking forward to seeing you in London for the IoT Week.

The IoT Forum

The Citizens Observatory Facebook group is a non-partisan outlet for promoting any CO related activity. It is open to SMEs that may want to promote new technologies, as well as projects or other initiatives that have a CO related component.

Initially created to support a wider communication and mutual support within the five “Citizens Observatories” Projects funded by the European FP7 for Research, “Developing community-based environmental monitoring and information systems using innovative and novel earth observation applications”, the CO Group have been attracting attention from the wider CO community, with new members joining daily.

Its message is simple: The CO group acts as a focal point for the promotion of ‘Citizens’ Observatories worldwide and is an essential tool to better improving our environment.

And, as the ranks grow and people start to use the group as a resource for promoting their project or business, we anticipate a wider audience will start to rely on it for learning about what a Citizen Observatory is, and what it can do for them. The lessons we learn, the products and services we develop and the knowledge we generate can all be channeled through the group, providing a one stop shop for all things CO related.

CITI-SENSE roll up poster

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