Monthly Archives: November 2013


Finally the IoT Comic Book has a proper home – the IoT Forum and the website.

And to celebrate we have also launched a new Business Edition of the IoT Comic Book.

The new edition of the comic book targets people that may never have heard of the subject before. More specifically, it targets politicians, the general public and business managers who might have a stake in IoT. The comic book gives the target audience a broad understanding of the advantages and potential risks associated with IoT.

– We have worked hard to make the comic book easy to read. We have reduced the amount of text and made it more visual instead – yet without compromising on the contents and the message it sets out to deliver about IoT, says Mirko Presser, author of the “Internet of Things!” and head of research and innovation at the Alexandra Institute.

Enjoy reading the two new interviews with Stefan Ferber from Bosch and Rasmus Blom from Grundfos.


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