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The Internet of Things is changing our world. It is disrupting our lives, businesses, governments and society as a whole. By 2020 50 billion devices will be connected and the market will be worth €14 trillion. But it will only happen if we work together.
The IoT International Forum aims at the vision of a worldwide interoperable Internet of Things, addressing business and societal challenges and needs to create the conditions for a truly worldwide Internet of Things ecosystem and market.
The forum is a one-stop shop for actors to come together from both the global IoT community and from domains which could benefit from IoT. We aim to be the major global forum with a worldwide audience and participation, gathering leading experts.
IoT Week London 2014
Summer 2014 will see the IoT Week move to London. Come and shape the future of the IoT.
IoT Day 2014
May your sensors read favourably, your actuators fire accurately and your data flow like a waterfall, for 9th April is the #IoT Day.
IoT Comic Book
The new IoT Forum sponsored Comic Book is out. The Business Edition.